The first English language guidebook to Japanese Museums to be published in 30 over years

Japan is a country of museums. There are more than 1,200 art museums yet this fact is often little known outside its borders. They are sprinkled throughout Japan and their range is striking. Museums are a fascinating gateway into Japanese culture, whether traditional or contemporary, but foreign visitors are often bewildered by their quantity and variety. With only a few that offer information in English, a guidebook is indispensable.
The art lover’s guide to Japanese museums acts as a personal guide, introducing readers to some of the most distinctive and inspiring art museums in the country. Visiting over 100 venues nationwide, Sophie Richard conducted in-depth interviews with museum curators and directors, which provides an unrivalled insight into the world of Japanese museums. The vibrant, richly illustrated guide showcases public and private museums selected for the strength of their collection and their individuality, as well as pointers to further local attractions. Among them are sites that have survived earthquakes and wars, beautifully maintained estates turned into museums, sleek examples of contemporary architecture… Some are smaller than others but all are worth a visit.


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The art lover's guide to Japanese museums is published in Japanese by Shueisha International